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The Cauldron

The title "PJ's Cauldron" came to me ages ago as the locus of my many crazy creative endeavors.  "PJ" was my father's nickname for me and in my mind has become   code for the lurking potential of what Carl Jung would refer to as the "individuated self."  And the "Cauldron"...well, the cauldron... 

           Somewhere around the age of thirty, I was introduced to the Goddess in all her many forms and all the inspiration her manifestations offer to people for creativity, wholeness, love of the earth, and radical inclusion of all life in our interconnectedness.  Most particularly,  I loved Cerridwen, Welsh Goddess of Inspiration, Transformation and Poetry -- and her magic cauldron.  

            Like so many of the images of feminine power, the cauldron has been demonized as the site of evil potions -- eye of newt and all that.  But it's much more useful to understand the cauldron as the vessel that supports the sacred alchemy of the creative mind.  Anyone who has done any kind of creative work, understands the process of choosing inspired elements, "mixing" them together and transforming the lot into something brand new.  (And there's also the issue of the transformational process that happens in the artist as well -- but that's another discussion).  

For those who know something of Druidic lore, the concept of Awen is a familiar one.  Awen is the spirit, the holy breath of inspiration that ultimately leads to transformation and creative, manifested outcomes that can bring insight and inspiration to others.  Cerridwen's Cauldron is a site of Awen.  When I first claimed the cauldron's image, I did so innocently, because it was "cool" and "witchy" (in the good sense).  Now I see that I have been "brewing", incubating in Cerridwen's magic pot for decades.

       The Rowan Branch Trilogy is not the first piece of creative expression to come out of the Cauldron, but it is by far the most magical -- perhaps a culmination of everything that has come before.  It is also the most important to me and the piece I am most anxious to share with others.  It's only fiction and hopefully an engaging story, but I also hope it will inspire a re-commitment to seeking out the best ways of living in right relation with ALL beings and heal our relationship to the planet.


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