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After 25 years of teaching composition, literature and media studies at SUNY Cobleskill, I am, at last, happily retired and living with my ever-patient and supportive partner on a little lake in upstate New York -- free to practice what I have been teaching to others for so long.  This idyllic life is punctuated by clay work and gardening, as well as time with cherished friends and family.    I recently completed training as a Spiritual Director, which has left me with a deep commitment to what some would call Panentheism, others Earth-Based Spirituality, and still others Religious Naturalism, which is expressed in The Rowan Branch Trilogy.  

            I earned a Master's degree with a thesis on Women in Arthurian Legend and went on to complete a Doctorate of Arts in English, authoring a dissertation on Contemporary Native American Literature, all of which has contributed to my attempt to envision a world where Druidic/Indigenous wisdom is alive and actively informing our behavior.  

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