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Pam Collins

Writer, Spiritual Director, Creatrix

PJ's Cauldron?  No, not the "boil, boil, toil and trouble" kind.  Rightfully, the cauldron is a symbol of inspiration and transformation, but like so much through the ages, it has been demonized to curtail our sense of personal agency and creativity.  Arise people!  "Awen," or inspiration, is our birthright.  Transformation is the essence of life. 

                 In these pages I will share my spiritual/creative journey in the hopes that it aids yours.  I believe our purpose here on Earth is to protect the web of life and to walk in beauty. 

Special Holiday Offering:  "Once Upon a Solstice Eve"

A Solstice Tale told in rhyming couplets

The Rowan Branch Trilogy

Book 1 -- "The Wizard's Return

Book 2 -- The Book of April

Book 3 -- The Song of All Things

The books of the Rowan Branch Trilogy are self-published.  My passion for this project couldn't wait to find a publisher, nor was I inclined to alter my vision to become "more marketable."  Stubborn, I know, but it is what it is.  Below you'll find information on how to acquire my books.  If you live near Albany, NY you could obtain copies directly from me. 

Contact me at:

all books_edited.png


All books are available through Amazon or Troy Book Makers,


Market Block Books, Troy, NY  

The Bookhouse, Albany, NY

Golden Leaf Books, 30 Saratoga Ave. Waterford, NY 12188

Mirabai Books, 23 Miller Rd. Woodstock, NY 12498


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